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Welcome to Harris Chapel
Welcome to Harris Chapel

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Mission Statement

We believe...

  • God is the Father and Creator of Heaven and Earth,
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God the Son,
  • Salvation and the new birth comes only through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ,
  • Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth, and the Life and no one can come to the father except by and through Jesus,
  • our sins are forgiven as we make a decision to turn from sin and receive His death on the cross as the sacrifice accepted by God to wash away our sin and to give one NEW LIFE,
  • Jesus rose from the dead according to the scriptures and is seated on the right hand of God the Father,
  • Jesus Christ is the Lord and is coming again as He promised,
  • in the Holy Spirit,
  • He is God the Spirit and dwells in every believer,
  • in the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit as His evidence within us,
  • that the Bible is the authoritative written Word of God,
  • the Bible as the Word of God is inspired by God and is sound for teaching, correcting, and for in encouraging others onto spiritual maturity,
  • that prayer is a means of Grace and should be a part of one's everyday life,
  • prayer is both speaking to God and listening to Him,
  • that through prayer, many miracles occur, and one's life is secure in God's will,
  • the churches use of money should be utilized to support and help all those in need. First to the household of faith, to our community, and then to the world,
  • in helping others, but there should always be a desire of those we help to seek God and to work toward improving their lives and helping others,
  • the church should be involved in the community, the church in representing Christ should invite, offer spiritual help, and always be ready to offer God's Love to the hurting,
  • the church has a responsibility to the unsaved world,
  • the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be shared both by deed and example,
  • that a member of God's Church should share through giving their time, gifts, and love,
  • a church member has a commitment both to God and their fellow believer,
  • for a church member to grow strong in their Christian faith, there is the need for diligence in Christian fellowship.


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