September Bible Study

The book of Zechariah is the largest book of the Minor Prophets. The book consists of various visions and prophecies relating to Christ's first coming, the times of the gospel, and the glories of the future Kingdom. The Bible Study will help you to discover that God's word is reliable, it is true, and all these prophecies have been or will be fulfilled shortly. God bless you in your study. Bro Ken.

  1. Zech.3:8; Mark 10:45; and Philippians 2:7
  2. Zech.9:10 with John 1:12
  3. Zech.9:9 with Matthew 21:1-9
  4. Zech.11:12 with Matthew 26:14,15
  5. Zech.13:7 with Matthew 26:31,56
  6. Zech 12:10 with John 19:34,37
  7. Zech 11:13 with Matthew 27:6-7
  8. Future--Zech.14:4-21 with Revelation 16:14
  9. Future--Zech. 14:4-21
    with Revelation 19:11-16; II.Thessalonians 1:8-10
  10. Future---Revelation 20:1-6