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  CHINA'S NUCLEAR THREAT TO U.S. -- China warned yesterday (8/27) that it was ready to fight over Taiwan if the United States dared to interfere. An editorial in the People's Daily, said the US and other Western countries were mistaken if they believed China lacked the ability or will to use force in a dispute over Taiwan. (The Sidney Morning Herald)

  '99 HURRICANE SEASON TO FINISH STRONG -- Colorado State Professor William Gray said he expects the season to produce 14 tropical storms, nine of which will become hurricanes with four being "intense," with winds topping 111 mph. The average season has 9.3 tropical storms, 5.8 of which become hurricanes. Of those, 2.2 become intense hurricanes. The 1995 season was the second busiest on record with 19 tropical storms and hurricanes, behind 1933 with 21. (Reuters)

  WITHDRAWALS MAY BEGIN IN 2 WEEKS - Aug 29 - The talks with the Palestinians continued this afternoon, following a three-hour meeting last night. Israel's Gilad Sher and the Palestinians' Saeb Erekat are attempting to conclude an agreement before the arrival of U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at the end of the week. Ehud Barak considers that one of his main achievements in the present negotiations is the Palestinian consent to begin six months of intensive, continuous talks for the purpose of formulating a framework for the final-status agreement. If these talks are completed by early 2000, Barak feels that it is possible to reach a permanent arrangement with the Palestinians by the end of the year. (Arutz 7)

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