Remember Who You Are

        I will never forget what was said to me by a very good friend about twenty three years ago. You see I was a very young Christian and was moving into a new ministry. I had gone to see him right before moving to Florida and it would be our last visit for a very long time. We had prayer together before leaving and then he spoke to me these words that still reside deep in my heart. "Kenny," he said, "remember Who You Are." Of course he didn't mean don't forget your name. What he meant was remember who you are in Christ. Never forget all that He has done for you.
        Remember you were bought with a very expensive price, don't ever forget who you belong to and who you serve. Remember that God will always love you and be there for you. Keep your heart fixed on Him. It is now twenty-three years later and I am still deeply moved by those words. Twenty-three years is a very long time, many decisions have been made, some turned out very good, others however may not have been as good as they could have been with a little more wisdom and knowledge and a great deal of more time in prayer. Although one can not change the past, reflection on the past is sometimes a healthy experience. It is important to realize that decisions made now will effect your tomorrows.
        Over these last twenty-three years I have tried to keep the words of my good friend close to my heart, I have never wanted to be something I am not, I have never wanted to become so prideful that God could not teach me new truths about Himself and His Eternal Plans. I have always tried to remember that He is Lord, I am only His servant.  As we enter into a new millennium fifty-four days from now what will our world be like? Will life gone on just as it has for thousands of years or is the new millennium going to be the beginning of a new era of God's Government.
        With this new millennium comes many planned times of remembrance and celebrations. The Pope is planning to be in the Holy Land to conduct one of many new millennium celebrations. According to the Christian world it has been 2,000 years since the birth of Christ. It is marked for a time of remembrance and celebrations. The new age followers see it as the beginning of a whole new age with all of the hopes and expectations of personal enlightenment. How will you and I enter this new millennium? What will you and I be doing, how will we be celebrating and what will our remembrance be directed toward?
        As followers of Christ who is the King of Kings let us keep our hearts fixed on Him. He will come and establish His rule and reign forever. Let us remember all that Jesus has done for us and in us, let us address every prayer with thanksgiving. Whatever the new millennium will bring, remembering who we are will be the confidence and assurance to get us through and on into God's eternal plan for our lives. My heart felt prayer for all of you who are readers of our Newsletter who Know and love Christ is "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE"! AMEN!

Bro. Ken

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