God is My Refuge and My Strength

by Russell and Betty Smith

One hour at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. One way of coping with our grief. Sometimes you think one cannot cope at all. We cry, hallow, till the pain is so bad, then you call on God and pray that he will help you get through another time. You think of the good times you had with your child.

Thank God for friends and family, calling, sending cards to help give us strength.

We have been so blessed to have both; they have really stuck by us. Keeping busy has also helped us cope during this time of grief. We call on God so much, He answers, then it turns into (good grief) but before very long it starts up again at anytime. We always say to God, "here we are again, please help." The sorrow never goes away when it is your child. You just keep praying, and God helps you get through one hour at a time.