News From Around the World


 NORTH KOREAN Minister Says War is Imminent -- A North Korean official as saying that the danger of another Korean War is getting even more imminent because the Korean peninsula divided. (New York Times)

 Immense Wave of Energy from Distant Star -- A radiation burst from a distant star hit the Earth's upper atmosphere last month with enough energy to power civilization for a billion billion years. The immense wave of energy, the most powerful ever recorded from beyond the Sun, caused at least two satellites to shut down briefly, but it reached the Earth's surface at a strength equal only to a typical single dental X-ray. (Nando Times)

 Y2K Update The Computer Bug --General Manager Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association: Comments From article -Sept 1998 With all the positive capabilities computers provide, why are we faced with a computer crisis on Jan.1, 2000? In case you have not read or heard in the news, there is a good chance many areas of our life may be affected when the computer interprets 01/01/00--numbers that should represent Jan. 1, 2000-- as Jan 1, 1900. Mr Purkey goes on to say, "It has been estimated that all existing programmers today would not totally solve the problem by Jan.1, 2000 even if they spent all their working time on correcting the date." "The electric utility industry business is a major player in the Y2K problem and is spending a tremendous amount of time to assure its facilities and respective operations are ready." Mr Purkey closes is article with these words, "As businesses work to ensure their computers are Y2K compliant, I imagine we'll all still be waiting anxiously to see what Jan. 1, 2000, brings. (Tennessee Today Magazine)

 Religion Back in Classroom After 35 Years -- The controversy over religion in the schools has finally come full circle. You'll remember Abington if you recall Abington v Schempp, a 1963 Supreme Court case that struck down devotional Bible-reading by school officials. The ensuing controversy and angry debate led many educators and textbook publishers to begin avoiding religion altogether. However this week, 35 years later, Abington school district has adopted a new policy on religion that will make clear the role of religious expression in the schools. The policy was inspired by a group of parents who complained that the district wasn't doing enough to take religion seriously. (Charles C. Haynes Commentary in Abington, PA)

 Central SERBIA Hit by Earthquake -- An earthquake with magnitude 5.4 rocked Belgrade and central Serbia early on Wed. Sept 29, causing minor damage. (Nando Times)


Editors Comment --As the days of the Jewish Fall Feast come to a close, the expectance of many religious leaders and teachers grow in anticipation of God's next great event. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem for God's plan to unfold very soon.