Helping you to understand Biblical End-Time Events:

SODOM AND GOMORRAH - Source London Times - A British-born biblical scholar believes he may have found the lost cities that have become bywords for human wickedness. Michael Sanders, believes that new Satellite photographs from NASA, the American space agency, may show that Sodom and Gomorrah not only existed, but also that they were probably destroyed in a catastrophe about 5,000 years ago, and that their ruins were engulfed beneath the salty waters of the Dead Sea.

NOW MORE THAN 200 HARD-CORE RACIST WEBSITES - Source Israel Wire: - There are more than 200 Internet Sites that qualify as Hard-Core Racist according to David Goldman, director of "Hate Watch", an Internet Watchdog association monitoring the cyberspace activities of Neo-Nazis, white supremacists Holocaust denial groups and other elements seen as intolerant.

INDIA AND PAKISTAN TROOPS CLASH-- Source Washington Post - Pakistani troops tried to capture territory on an icy border battlefield but Indian forces repulsed the attack, killing six Pakistanis, the army said today. (10-27-98).

IRAN TO HOLD WAR GAMES NEXT WEEK Source Tampa Bay Online - Iran will stage major military exercises on its border with Afghanistan next week. About 200,000 troops from the Iranian army, air force, and navy will take part in the war games, the commander of ground forces, Brig. Gen. Abdolali Pourshasd, was quoted as saying Tuesday by state-run Tehron radio.

THE HOLY SEE-- Source Ha'aretz, IsraelWire, and Reuters - The Holy See believes Jerusalem should by protection by "a special internationally statue," Monsignor Jean Louis Tauran announced yesterday. Tauran who is responsible for the Vatican's foreign policy, issued the statement at a world conference of bishops meeting in Jerusalem to discuss the city's future. It is commonly speculated among those who watch endtime events that the False Prophet, or Anti-Christ, will be the one that is able to allow the Temple to be built on the mount, and that the only way to do so is to have all 3 religions to have a place of worship there. Is this statement to the world to announce this? WATCH THIS VERY CLOSELY!