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ISRAEL'S FM JOINS ARAFAT AND IRAQI OFFICIAL IN MOSCOW - By Andra Brack - Source: IsraelWire Dec. 1- Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy met in Moscow for meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. In a flurry of diplomatic activity in Russia, Ivanov, scheduled to meet Arafat and Iraq's Deputy Premier Tariq Aziz, was briefed on the peace process. In recent weeks, Israel has provided Russian law enforcement and intelligence officials with assistance in combating terrorism.
BARAK DENIES 'COMMENT' ON FEBRUARY FRAMEWORK DEADLINE - By Andra Brack - Source: IsraelWire Dec. 1 - Prime Minister Ehud Barak denied reports that he characterized as "over-ambitious" the February 2000 deadline he set for reaching a permanent-status framework agreement with the PLO Authority (PA). Hours later, the Prime Minister's office released a statement denying the report. "There has been no change in the Prime Minister's position and that he is convinced the sides can reach a framework agreement on all the issues on the table by February 2000," said the statement.
FRANCE, GERMANY WANT MORE EU DEFENSE, WARN RUSSIA - By Kelly Pagatpatan - Source: Reuters Nov. 30 -- France and Germany agreed on Tuesday to push for greater European military cooperation at next week's European Union summit and warned Moscow it was misusing its armed forces in its campaign in Chechnya. In separate statements at a regular six-monthly summit, the two foreign ministers expressed shock at the violence of Russia's drive against Islamic rebels in Chechnya and condemned Moscow's refusal to let outside observers into the region. The Franco-German statement came one week after a similar declaration by France and Britain, which said London and Paris considered NATO "the foundation of our collective defense" -- a line meant to ease United States concerns.

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