News from Around the World

  Asteroid Threat Still Real--Dozens of PHO's already found. Asteroid trackers say the government may be getting serious about threat of an asteroid or comet headed for an eventual collision with earth. ( Howard)

  Pakistan--A Christian found guilty of blasphemy has been sentenced to death. In 1996 Masih was arrested, accused of shouting insults against the prophet Mohammed in public in his home village. (SCMP (AFP))

  Microsoft aims at building computers that see, listen, and learn. (Excite News)

  Y2K Bug Could Cripple Thai Finance-- Thai scientists are warning that the government’s failure to take urgent action could result in widespread financial chaos when the so called millennium bug hits the computer systems at midnight on December 31, 1999. (Excite News)

  The Most Severe Meteor Shower in Three Decades Heading Towards Earth--Tiny cosmic particles, no bigger then grains of sand are hurtling toward earth, each packing the punch of a 22-caliber bullet. The meteoroids will burn up in the atmosphere this fall, sparing the planet's surface and delighting stargazers with the most severe meteor shower in three decades. (Earthweek)

  Florida--At least 50 medflies found-quarantine of the area planned. State inspectors are scrambling to eradicate a "serious infestation" of medflies that could threaten state's six billion-dollar agriculture industry. (AP)

  Hong Kong closes five beaches Thursday because of a new species of red tide--a toxic phenomenon that has already killed 1,500 tons of fish since mid-march. (AP)