The Love Chapter

In First Corinthians Chapter 13 we have what is referred to as the Love Chapter. In this chapter we find the qualities of love. It is essential, patient, kind, generous, humble, modest, unselfish, mild, holy, longsuffering, believing, hopeful, eternal, and supreme. It is also peaceful and all sufficient (Romans 13:10) and divine (I John 4:7). In verses 4-8, notice what Love does, and does not do. God bless you in your study.

What Love Does

Verse 4a, Verse 4b, Verse 6, Verse 7a, Verse 7b, Verse 7c, Verse 7d, Verse 8a

What Love Does Not

Verse 4c, Verse 4d, Verse 4e, Verse 5a, Verse 5b, Verse 5c, Verse 5d, Verse 6a