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May shows increase in 6.0 earthquakes.

  May 22 - Bolionia 6.8 and Indonesia 6.0

  May 24 - Philippines 6.0

  May 28 - Cairo, Egypt 6.2

  May 29 - China 6.2, and Afghanistan 6.9

There were also some lesser ones - a 5.3 occurred in Japan on May 21, a 4.4 in San Francisco on May 28, and a rare earthquake in Northern Australia. That's not only an increase in total earthquakes, but also an increase in earthquakes in diverse places. Add that to wars and rumors of wars, signs in the sky, etc. This should tell us that we are getting very close to the return of the Lord. (Weekend Discussion Group)

  California: Strange climate ruining California's cotton crops. Cold weather and rain have ruined 90% percent of California's cotton crop, which is valued at $1 billion dollars. (Nando Times)

  New York: Four girls beat their teacher for refusing to turn on the "Jerry Springer Show," topic - Bisexual relationships hurt married couples. (New York Times)

  Pakistan: Pakistan says nuclear warheads could be fitted within days. (BBC)

  South Dakota: A tornado destroyed much of Spencer, a town of about 300 people, on May 30th. One person was killed and 150 were injured.