"The Birth of the Church" The subject of Pentecost is that Jesus continues to do and teach by the Holy Spirit, through believers, since His Ascension: John 14:12, 16; Acts 1:4, 5, 8

The purpose of Pentecost is to give us God's purpose, plan, and power for every believer during this dispensation of grace. Acts 1:8; 4:31; 15:14; 26:16-18

Christianity, says Bishop Wilson, "does not profess to convince the headstrong, to bring irresistible evidence to the daring and profane, to vanquish the proud scorner, and afford evidence from which the careless and perverse cannot possibly escape. This might go to destroy man's responsibility. All that Christianity professes is to purpose such evidence as may satisfy the meek, the tractable, the candid, the serious inquirer." May we be about our Father's business in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Look up these scriptures and see how the early church was successful, we can be successful as well.

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  2. Acts 1:12 with 1:4b
  3. Acts 1:14a
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