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 TEEN-AGER WALKS OUT OF GRADUATION PRAYER -- May 28, 1999 - Julie Schenk planned to deliver an invocation at Northern High School's graduation. Student Nick Becker objected, saying prayer doesn't belong in a public ceremony. Ms. Schenk agreed, and asked for a 30-second "time for reflection" that did not mention God. During the period of silence, a man began reciting the Lord's Prayer aloud. Virtually the entire 4,000-member audience joined in. Becker left, then tried to return, but was stopped by Maryland State Police. When he tried another door, police threatened arrest and detained him. (TampaBay Online AP)

 PALESTINIAN VIOLENCE May 28, 1999 - Palestinian violence against Jewish targets in Judea and Samaria, and even in Jerusalem, continues to rise. The Palestinian Authority will hold a large gathering this Sunday in Ramallah to plan violent actions against settlements. Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior PA leader, said that the purpose of the gathering is to prepare a "popular war against the settlement strongholds." (Arutz7)

 ISRAEL ANNEXES WEST BANK LAND -- May 28 -- The Palestinians asked the United States today to intervene after Israel decided to add a wide swath of West Bank land to the Jewish settlement Maale Adumim and connect it to Jerusalem. This will further cut off the eastern sector of the city, claimed by the Palestinians as a future capital, from its West Bank hinterland. An enlarged Maale Adumim will also make it more difficult for Israel and the Palestinians to reach a creative solution on the future of Jerusalem, the most explosive issue in their conflict. (TampaBay Online AP)