June Bible Study

This month’s Bible Study is taken from the book of James. The letter of James gets down to the practical side of Christianity. It stresses the gospel of Christ rather than the gospel about Christ. My prayer is that you be blessed in you study of God's Word. Answer the following Questions:

  1. What do we do when tested? James 1:2
  2. Why am I tried? -- James 1:3
  3. How can I get wisdom? -- James 1:5
  4. How do I ask for it? -- James 1:6
  5. If I endure testing, what then? -- James 1:12
  6. What is the test of Brotherly Love? -- James 2:1-13
  7. Is faith alone sufficient? -- James 2:14-26
  8. What is the test of a fruitful life? -- James 3:1-18
  9. How can I stay happy? -- James 5:13b
  10. What does real prayer accomplish? -- James 5:16-18