God's Grace

by Jeanette Rose

I am eternally grateful that God spared my life and protected me from more serious injuries during my recent automobile accident. All who have seen my car say it was a miracle I am not more seriously injured. The beginning of a guardrail penetrated my car door driving it in toward me 18 to 24 inches. God's comfort and peace sustained me as I waited for the ambulance and rescue workers to remove me from the car, which took almost one hour. During that time I prayed the Lord's Prayer many times.

Another ordeal waited at the hospital when it was necessary to have a CT scan. Since I am claustrophobic I have often wondered how I could tolerate that. I kept my eyes tightly closed and said the twenty-third Psalm and sang What A Friend We Have In Jesus through the fifteen to twenty minutes I was enclosed in that machine. Why did God not protect me from the accident itself? I don't know the answer to that one; perhaps for the simple reason that this message needs to be said. There are no guarantees of another minute except by God's grace. If there is sin in your life not yet washed away by the sacrificial blood of Jesus, NOW IS THE TIME. If there are areas in your life not surrendered to Jesus Christ, NOW IS THE TIME. If Jesus Christ is not Lord of your life, NOW IS THE TIME. Many thanks to all who helped me during this difficult time. God be with us one and all.