God's Healing Touch

by Joe Mignogna

Faith can surely do away with doubt! Having been a bit of a skeptic about healing by laying on of hands, I found out differently during our church's Life in the Spirit seminar in 1994.

Some twenty years ago, I suffered a severe shoulder injury while ice-skating. Eventually it got better, but did not heal completely. I continued to have pain in my shoulder if I over exerted myself, and cold, damp weather would also cause problems.

I guess the Holy Spirit got hold of me during that Life in the Spirit seminar and persuaded me to put my faith ahead of my doubts. During the healing service I went forward and asked for prayer for my shoulder. The prayer team laid hands on me and prayed for my healing. I felt warmth in my shoulder and immediate relief from pain, but complete healing did take a little longer. In about six months the pain was gone and has not returned. I thank the Lord for that healing. Faith and the Holy Spirit can work wonders.

A more recent incident caused me to test that faith once again. In April of this year, while helping my brother in his home building project, I severely sprained or twisted my lower back. This happened on a Friday and although I was in considerable pain, I thought a few days rest would take care of it. However, after more than a week of aspirin and other pain medication, including a doctor's visit, things were not much better. I decided it was time to take that faith step again and look to the Lord for my healing. I went forward during our Sunday service alter call and asked Brother Ken, our pastor, to pray for my back. He put his hand on my back and prayed for me. I felt warmth in my back and once again I had immediate relief from my pain. Within a week I was back to almost complete mobility and without the use of pain medication. Praise the Lord!

Maybe if I had taken that step of faith sooner in both cases, my healing would have been quicker. Or, maybe it's that little bit of doubt that always seems to remain (at least with me), and faith has to fight through it. Whatever the case, I'm going to hold on to my faith, claim my healing and be thankful for God's healing touch.