By Leanne Ealy

An anonymous poet once said, "Leave the world a better place than you found it." This to me explains the act of giving and being generous. This is very important in my everyday life.

One reason I try to be generous is because it shows other people that you care and that they are in your heart. One time my mother and I gave a sick lady from our church some flowers and you could tell that she really enjoyed our small gift, given out of love. I can also remember that when I was younger I saw a lady at our church crying, so I gave her a small plastic heart that I had, hoping that it would make her feel better. You could tell that this small plastic heart had made her feel better knowing that I cared.

Another reason I think being generous is an important law of life is because what you give from the heart someday you will get back many times over. I know many people who have given in their lives, and now they are on the receiving end. My grandmother was and still is one of those loving and caring people. Now she receives love and caring from friends, family, and church members almost everyday. My third reason for being generous is because it tells other people that you're not always thinking of yourself, but of others too. There are many people who have never given of themselves to anyone, and people know that they are only thinking of themselves.

My outlook on life is to give first, then receive. Even if you give someone a homemade card, a handshake, a pat on the back, or even a smile and a kind word you are still giving from the heart. Remember that generosity does not have to be material things but simply the act of loving and caring for others.


This essay received First Place in the "Laws of Life Essay Contest" Junior Division. Thank you Leanne for sharing your essay and congratulations!