A Fatherís Heart

by Bro. Ken

The direction of a society is determined by those who lead it. When Jesus came, people where struck by the difference between his leadership and that of the Pharisees. Jesus said it well when He said, concerning religious leaders, "It's simply the blind leading the blind." When Jesus spoke to people, He didn't just talk about God, He revealed Him because He knew Him, He was His Father. The peoples response was, "We have never heard a man speak like this."

Jesus knew who He was. There was never any doubt in His mind that He was His Father's Son-the very son of God. He knew what He was doing and where He was going. Jesus faced many crisis in His life, but one crisis He never faced was that of knowing who His Father was and that His Father loved Him.

Today's society is in crisis. Two reasons I believe are at the root of this crisis. First, many people including church people have lost their identity because they don't know their Heavenly Father, and of His love for them. Thus, we now have a society filling their lives with everything possible, most of it contrary to God's truth and desire. For our society to find itself, I believe we must return to our God and Heavenly Father who loves us. Then we not only know who we are but also find direction in our lives that will bring peace and stability in all our relationships. Second, I believe there is a special call of God on all earthly fathers. We need fathers who will lead their children in Godly and Christ-like ways. In a society where it seems everything goes, we need fathers who will set the standard of of a righteous God. Your children need you, they are looking for God's way and want to see it lived out in your relationships. It is interesting to me that though Jesus was the Son of God, He needed the approval of His Father. And the Father knew how important it was for the Son to hear Him confirm their relationship. Our children also need that approval by we who are fathers. There comes a time, though as a father, when there's a change in the kind of relationship we will have with our children. Our sons will become fathers, what will they have learned from us? A popular song, "Cat's In The Cradle" by Sandy and Harry Chapin leaves us with a sobering responsibility.