Prophecy, the Certainty of God's Promises


When the Prophets spoke of the coming of Messiah, they spoke with certainty. The words of these prophets, recorded in the Old Testament, would be fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ our Lord. In our Bible Study for this the month of December, I pray you will study and see for yourself the certainty of God's Prophetic Word concerning the First Advent and His Second Coming as well. God bless you in this study and have a very Merry Christmas.


  1. Daniel 9:25 Fulfilled in Luke 2:11
  2. Micah 5:2
    Fulfilled in Matthew 2:1
  3. Isaiah 7:14
    Fulfilled in Matthew 1:18-25
  4. Isaiah 9:6
    Fulfilled in John 1:1,14
  5. Isaiah 40:3
    Fulfilled in Mark 1:2-4
  6. Hosea 11:1
    Fulfilled in Matthew 2:15
  7. Zech. 11:12
    Fulfilled in Matthew 26:15
  8. Psalm 22:16
    Fulfilled in Mark 15:24
  9. Jonah 1:17
    Fulfilled in Matthew 12:39-40
  10. Psalm 68:18
    Fulfilled in Acts 1:9-11
  11. Zech. 14
    To be Fulfilled soon in Revelation 19:11-16