Spiritual Convictions
by Bob Rose

        If we feel that the world is headed in the wrong direction, and there is plenty of evidence that our country is going down a path that is not pleasing to God, then everyone must do a self evaluation and strive to come into compliance with God's wishes. God meant for men to be the spiritual leaders of the family so if families are falling apart, where have the spiritual leaders been? 
        The Covenant Keepers are men who believe they can make a difference in both their immediate family and their church family. If the student is failing to learn, then the teacher has got to be failing to teach. Here are ten spiritual convictions, which every man must teach his family in order to protect them from destructive influences of wrong desires, false philosophies, and evil companions:

1. God along is sovereign, and the Bible is His inspired Word and the final authority for my life. 

2. My purpose in life is to seek God with my whole heart and to build my goals around His priorities; making Jesus the Lord of my life must be priority #1. 

3. My body is the living temple of God and must not be defiled by the lust of the world. 

4. My church must teach the foundational truths of the Bible and reinforce my basic convictions. 

5. My children and grandchildren belong to God, and it is my responsibility to teach them Scriptural principles, Godly character, and basic convictions, and to make certain that they see me living for Christ that they too may be encouraged to receive Him. 

6. My activities must never weaken the Scriptural convictions of another Christian. 

7. My marriage is a lifelong commitment to God and to my marriage partner. 

8. My money is a trust from God and must be managed according to Scriptural principles. I must make it known that Jesus is also Lord over my finances. 

9. My words of reproving, exhorting, and restoring a Christian Brother must be in harmony with God's Word. 

        My affections must be set on things above, not on things of this world. Men cannot delegate their spiritual responsibilities. If our country and our families are going to change, men have got to assume their rightful roles in God's plan. With God's help, we will win, but God is waiting for His ball player to start stepping up to the plate.