The Coming King

        Jesus cannot be equated with any person or power. He is above all as the supreme ruler of time and eternity, heaven and earth, humans and angels. He was descended from a royal family, and there was a King's blood in His vains. If He were not a King He could not claim the rulership of our lives. If he were not a man, He could not know "our sorrows" and "be acquainted with our griefs." In this months Bible Study we want to follow the trail of the King. God bless you in your study.

Bro. Ken
  1. A King's Name     Matthew 1:23
  2. A King's Position     Matthew 2:6
  3. A King's Announcement     Matthew 3:3
  4. A King's Coronation     Matthew 3:17
  5. A King's due Respect     Matthew 4:10
  6. A King's Proclamation     Matthew 5:2 
  7. A King's Loyalty     Matthew 12:30
  8. A King's Love     Matthew 20:28
  9. A King's Glory     Matthew 25:31,34
  10. A King's Sacrifice     Matthew 27: 35,37
  11. A King's Victory     Matthew 28:6