News from Around the World
  EXPLOSIVE FOUND IN MOSCOW SYNAGOGUE- . - A bomb, which contained the equivalent of up to 2.2 pounds of TNT, was found in a Moscow synagogue on Sunday in what appeared to be part of a recent wave of attacks and attempted assaults against Jewish sites in the Russian capital. There have been several violent anti-Semitic incidents in Moscow and across Russia in recent months. Bombs exploded near two other Moscow synagogues in May, and a Jewish leader was stabbed in the city's main Choral Synagogue earlier this month.  (By Andra Brack - Tampa Bay Online -- July 25)

  BARAK MEETS WITH WORLD BANK PRESIDENT -- Prime Minister Ehud Barak met on Friday with World Bank President Wolfensohn to express his appreciation for the contribution of the World Bank to the development of economic, social and administrative infrastructures in the territories. Bank of Israel Governor Prof Jacob Frenkel and Prime Minister's Office Director-General Yossi Chucik were also present for part of the meeting. The Prime Minister added that he views the efforts of the G-7 to advance the Middle East peace process as very important. (IsraelWire)

  TURKEY SEEKS STRONGER FOOTHOLD IN MIDEAST -- President Suleyman Demirel pays a one-day visit to Egypt on Monday which Turkey hopes will help it strengthen a foothold in the Arab world and increase its role as a regional power. The aim of the trip is to increase economic cooperation and to consolidate already close political ties with Cairo.  (by Kelly Pagatpatan - Reuters - July 25)

  FORCE COULD BE RULED OUT IN TAIWAN CRISIS -- China's foreign minister told Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Sunday that China hopes for a peaceful resolution of the present crisis with Taiwan but won't rule out force as an option. The United States "should be careful not to say anything that would fan the flames of Taiwan's independence," Tang Jiaxuan said. "There needs to be a peaceful resolution of this and a dialogue. And I think the explanations thus far don't quite do it," Albright told reporters.  (by Kelly Pagatpatan AP - July 25)