Christ was Forsaken


Loneliness is a tragic thing to experience. A widow has untold hours with seemingly nothing to do. A widower whose children live in faraway places pines his time away. Teenagers longing for affection from parents whom are too busy to give a little of their time to them. But, if loneliness is a tragic thing, to be forsaken is far worse. Forsaken means "to leave," or "to utterly abandon." Jesus was forsaken to a degree that no other man has ever known. He was utterly forsaken:

By whom and how was Jesus forsaken?

 Look up these scriptures to find the answers:

  1. John 1:10 & John 1:3
  2. John 1:11
  3. Luke 4:16-30
  4. Matthew 13:55-56 & John 7:1-5
  5. Zechariah 13:7 & Mark 14:43-51
  6. Matthew 27:46 & Romans 8:32


Jesus was forsaken so that you and I, through faith in Him, need never be. If you feel that no one cares, or no one is there just for you, remember Jesus is there to love you. Come to Him and give Him your loneliness. "Lo, I am with you always." (Matthew 28:20) "I will never leave you or forsake you." (Joshua 1:5)