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 ISRAEL CALLING FOR INCREASED AID FOR KOSOVO REFUGEES -- Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that the Israelis cannot sit idly by while the refugee situation worsens in Kosovo. The Prime Minister stated that following the Holocaust, Israelis and Jews must be especially sensitive to atrocities such as mass murders and ethnic cleansing. The Prime Minister made the statements following a meeting during which Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon called for increased aid to the refugees fleeing the violence. Israel will also be sending 8-10 doctors together with a team of paramedics and nurses to set up a field hospital. The Prime Minister stated that beside the few Jewish refugee families which have arrived in Israel, no decision has been made regarding the offering of shelter to non-Jewish refugees. Source: IsraelWire

 JORDAN'S LESS FRIENDLY SKIES -- The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has announced it will no longer permit Israeli civilian flights from southern Israel to use Jordanian air space. The agreement was made to assist in alleviating congested Israeli air lanes. The Civil Air Administration together with the Foreign Ministry are working to reverse the new decision implemented by the late king Hussein. Southern Israeli airspace is congested since the area is utilized by the military for air force maneuvers. Source: IsraelWire