The Appointed Times
Festivals of the Lord

        In the practice of the Jewish faith, there are appointed times, festivals, that the Lord gave as living spiritual lessons. We are entering once again into the Fall Festival days. While Christianity has maintained some imitation form of the first series of the Biblical Festive Cycle such as Pesach (Easter); Shavout (Pentecost); it has almost totally lost the important fall feast days. These last three fall feast days are called-Rosh ha Shannah (Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Atonement), and Sukkot (Tabernacles). It is extremely important for the Christian who takes the words of Jesus seriously, "to watch and pray for you know not what hour the Lord will return," and to be alert to these Fall Feasts. 
        When Jesus came the first time, He fulfilled the first three feasts on that very Biblical day. It stands to reason that these last three feasts, which come in the fall of every year, will be fulfilled at his second coming. These last three feasts look forward to the final harvest. I believe we are in that harvest time right now. There is a move of the Spirit that is coming on all those who are willing to receive. God is imparting a new and fresh anointing of His Spirit. It is an exciting time to be living, a time where the Gospel of Christ will be heard not only in words, but in the power of the Living Christ. 
        The upcoming Sacred Festive Season of the Feast of Trumpets officially begins September 11, 1999. It lasts for a period of forty-eight hours. It speaks of a call to repentance from sin before the judgement, which is coming. It is a time of preparation, and is known as the "Opening of the Gates of Heaven." There are ten days until God judges the sins of the people, on the day of Atonement. Trumpets are also known as the awakening blast, or the Last trumpet, and make reference to the day of the resurrection. I believe in some year in the fall feast days our Lord will return. A Trumpet will sound and all that live upon the earth will hear the announcement of the arrival of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. To all of you who believe in the promises of God and in the fact that God keeps His appointments, then be alert during the Fall Feast Days. It is a time to watch and to pray. God bless you and yours in these interesting days in which we live in.

Bro. Ken

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